KidsZone Preschool Portraits
" Discover the Difference "

Personal Photographer
for every little Angel.

Influencing a child to smile and relax enough to enjoy their photographic experience requires a special skill. Because of our unique sense of patience, we nearly always create images of kids that convey their true character and personality. These qualities are hallmarks of memorable portraits.

We do Chroma-Key Photography

KidsZone Preschool Portraits offer an exciting creative program called Chroma-key Photography, also know as green screen. It is a staple in the broadcast of nightly weather reports used by almost every TV stations worldwide. We call it "Weatherman Photography" - as we use green or blue background to capture our images, then in post-production we use special software to composite those images with a digital background. This special feature provide our clients with hundreds of options for the creative portraits.

A team with 30 Years
of experience

Teaching lighting and posing, along with creating hundreds of weddings and portrait sessions has produced a wealth of valued experience. This vast scope of knowledge transfers easily to our Preschool Photography business.